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6" 10" 15" PU Vortex Finders For Warman Hydrocyclones


Shanghai Pepsen manufactures various PU liners For Warman Hydrocyclones and PU Vortex Finders is one of them.


What is cyclone?

A cyclone is a simple cono-cylindrically shaped vessel with a tangential inlet and two outlets at either end of its axis. A Cyclone is widely used to separate two phases from a fluid mixture.



What is Hydrocyclones?

A hydrocyclone is a sub-class application of a cyclone , however, the process stream is a liquid, generally with suspended solid stuff such as slurry). The usual purpose of the hydrocyclone is to separate or classify sub-sieve size solid particles according to their size, they are commonly used for separating or classifying subsieve size (<200 micron) particles . PU Vortex Finders is used as liner in structure of Hydrocyclones.



What is the advantage of PU Vortex Finders?

PU Vortex Finders is used on highest section of Warman Hydrocyclones where wear is lowest. The liners are molded from application specific formulated PU elastomers. Different wear resistant materials suit different wear environments, though polyurethane/PU has proven to be the most wear resistance material.

Economical grade Polyurethane can give 5 to 6 times service life of PU Vortex finder than rubber while high grade one can give ten times.




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PU Vortex Finders For Warman Hydrocyclones
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