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 Urethane Cutter Head Shaft Bearings

Shanghai Pepsen manufactures customized water lubricated Thordon composite cutter head shaft bearings as per customer requirements including drawings or samples. Hardness normally ranges from70-90A, but can be customized as well as color. 


What is water lubricated Thordon composite cutter head shaft bearing?

It is made of dual-hardness PU formulated specifically for use in very abrasive

environments such as water lubricated cutterhead shafts or open water propeller shaft bearings.

Due to tough, elastomeric properties of PU, Thordon Composite bearings resist wear by

tending to deflect, and then reject, abrasive particles allowing them to be flushed through

the bearing without tearing away bearing material.

What are advantages of composite cutter head shaft bearing?

- No pollution

- Improved safety for crew (no slippery ladder)

- Lower maintenance costs

- Able to change bearing with shaft in place

- Ship's crew can change bearing

- No grease required

- High abrasion resistance

- Less friction; no noise or vibration


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Water Lubricated Thordon Composite Cutter Head Shaft Bearings
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