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Application of polyurethane elastomer 2

Views: 175 Update date: Jul 15,2020

Application of polyurethane elastomer 2

6.2.2 Injection, extrusion, molding and calendering products

TPU particles and MPU glue are mainly used for extrusion, injection and molding of small and medium-sized molded products, while TPU is more used for extrusion molding of wire and cable sheath, hose, rubber strip, rubber stick, calendering rubber plate and film.

6.2.3 TPU slurry and adhesive prepared by TPU granule or directly polymerized by solution are widely used in artificial leather, synthetic leather, film, conveyor belt, inner coating of fuel storage tank and adhesive for shoes. Spray polyurea as a kind of non staining green construction technology is mainly used in concrete protection, equipment anti-corrosion, wear-resistant lining, building waterproof and other fields.

6.2.4 Foaming products

The density of polyurethane microcellular elastomers is between foam and non foam. It not only has good cushioning and damping performance, but also has the advantages of less internal heat generation, easy to emit and low cost. It is widely used as the sole of shoes and automobile bumper, fender, stop block, instrument panel, etc. The high-grade polyurethane microporous elastomer produced by NDI and other raw materials is also used for vibration damping parts of high-speed railway, urban rail transit and high-grade cars.

6.2.5 Polyurethane elastic fiber - the spandex produced with PTMG and MDI as the main raw materials has the characteristics of high strength, good elasticity, easy dyeing and hydrolysis resistance. It is an excellent fiber material for making tight underwear and swimming suit. It can also be blended with cotton, wool or other fibers to improve its elasticity and wear resistance.

6.2.6 Waterborne polyurethane waterborne polyurethane (WPU) is mainly used for leather finishing agent, fabric finishing agent, shoe adhesive, wood, PVC and other plastic adhesives, coating, latex paint, ink and glass fiber cluster agent, paper impregnation treatment agent and other water-based materials modification.


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