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Application of polyurethane elastomer 1

Views: 160 Update date: Jul 08,2020

Application of polyurethane elastomerPolyurethane elastomer has many valuable properties and wide application fields. In the application research, in addition to the correct selection of formulation according to the use environment, it is also necessary to select the appropriate hardness according to the stress situation of the products in use.

The five processing methods of polyurethane elastomer have their own advantages and disadvantages. Generally speaking, CPU makes full use of the characteristics of polyurethane elastomer, which is suitable for the production of large and medium-sized products and linings. TPU is suitable for mass production of leather / film, adhesive and small products. MPU is not as good as CPU and TPU in performance and application, so it is more suitable for the production of small and medium-sized products. Polyurethane microporous elastomers are mainly used in vibration absorbing products such as sole, while waterborne polyurethane is mainly used as finishing agent and adhesive. The following is a brief introduction to the application field of polyurethane elastomer according to the processing method.


Casting products Cots mainly include printing cots, printing and dyeing cots, paper-making cots, grain processing cots, backup rolls for metal cold rolling, pinch rolls, degreasing rolls, pickling rolls, feed rolls, twisting rolls, drawing rolls, cutting rolls, etc. At present, our country has been able to manufacture extra-large cold-rolled Cots with diameter of 2 000 mm. Rubber tyre

For example, solid wheels for various vehicles, guide wheels and supporting wheels for automatic production lines, casters for small carts and movable equipment, wheels for elevators and escalators, transmission gears and friction wheels, speed increasing wheels for textile machines, roller skating and skateboard wheels, etc. Waterproof and pavement material waterproof materials are mainly used for roof waterproofing, underground engineering waterproofing and leakage stoppage. Pavement materials are mainly used for the elastic pavement of sports ground, amusement ground and Street overpass and the caulking of road and bridge. Potting and coating products, such as sealing and fixation of electrical components, lining of equipment and pipeline, outer lining of various wear-resistant parts, coating of gears and agitator impeller, gasket of sheet metal parts, pouring and coating of metal spring, etc. The rubber sheet and film are mainly used as scraper, scraper, scraper, mudguard, cutting plate, blanking pad, flip screen, etc. other molded products, such as various oil resistant and high pressure resistant seals, bearings, shaft sleeves, elastic couplings, shock absorbers, large hole sieve plates, slotted screen plates and tooth profiles

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