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Application of solid cast urethane pipeline pig, cup and disc

Views: 266 Update date: Jan 09,2020

Application of solid cast urethane pipeline pig, cup and disc

With the development of large-scale exploitation of petroleum, chemical industry, urban water supply and natural gas transportation industry, the demand for pipeline descaling, paraffin removal and new pipeline coating and anti-corrosion equipment is increasing, and the requirements for pipeline cleaning quality are becoming higher and higher, especially in order to reduce the funds in the middle link, the cleaning length of the pipeline must be lengthened. In order to solve these problems, the pig leather bowl cannot meet the needs of production. Therefore, a subject is put forward. It is necessary to find a kind of material with high hardness, good elasticity, good sealing and wear resistance to make the leather bowl of the pig. Because of its excellent comprehensive performance, polyurethane has become best material for pipeline pig products.

How does it work? :

1. Natural gas pipeline in operation: remove the corrosive substances such as ponding, light oil, methane hydrate, iron oxide, carbide dust, carbon disulfide, hydrogen sulfuric acid, etc. inside the pipeline; reduce the corrosion damage of corrosive substances on the inner wall of the pipeline; redefine the pipeline route; detect the pipeline deformation; check the integrity rate of valves along the pipeline; reduce the working back pressure.

2. Operation of crude oil pipeline: pigging before detection in the pipeline, pigging of oil pipeline in intermittent operation with low throughput; removal of condensate, wax and scale in the pipeline, so as to reduce oil return pressure, friction and oil temperature.

3. Chemical material and edible oil pipeline: clean the pipeline with polymerizable material; separate different pipeline transmission medium to realize single pipe multi product transmission and metering pipeline transmission medium.

Pigging of new pipeline:

4. Pigging and pressure test in sections: remove sundries, floating rust, drainage and exhaust.

5. General pigging pressure test: detect the deformation and construction quality of the pipeline. Exhaust before hydrostatic test, drain before production, dry and isolate the medium.

6. Water delivery and water injection pipeline: remove scale and sediment.

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