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Balancing of Polyurethane Roller

Views: 489 Update date: Apr 11,2022

Balancing of urethane rollerAs machinery is continually improved to make operations faster, problems due to unbalance of the polyurethane rollers have increased. For example, vibration, noise, premature wear of bearings, iron cores, gears, premature damage of polyurethane roller and the machinery itself, etc. These problems arise due to the rapid increase in centrifugal force due to the unbalance of the polyurethane roller as the rotational speed of the polyurethane roller increases.

Use the following methods to adjust for imbalance:

(1) Static balance indicates the uniformity of the load distribution of the roller assembly. Check the balance by seeing if the polyurethane roller is moving on sharp edges, as shown in the image below. Correct by adding weight to the lighter side or lightening the heavier side.

(2) Dynamic balance The dynamic balance is measured to make the drum rotate. The unbalanced weight is described as centrifugal force that causes the rollers to oscillate in a certain direction. To correct for dynamic balance, the roll surface is divided into 360 equal parts and weight adjustments are made where the imbalance is applied.


Depending on the bonding method, the cylindrical surface is processed

1. Bonding with hard stone: screw cutting 12-14 angle / 25mm, depth 0.5mm

2. Or bonding with adhesive: hard treatment when the diameter of roller coating is 200mm, 5mm or larger holes need to be drilled on the flanges on both sides to improve the vulcanization efficiency.

3. Rollers balance is very important. The supplied roll cores are statically balanced according to the application. However, dynamic balancing is not performed unless the user instructs otherwise.

It is necessary to balance and inform the following points when running at high speed;・The number of revolutions of the polyurethane roller・The required balance weight (g) Generally G6.3 (balance grade), for the rolls in the film and paper industry (less than 400m/min) G2.5 (balanced grade) for high speed rollers (400 – 1500m/min)

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