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How to use polyurethane rubber roller well?

Views: 453 Update date: Apr 05,2022

polyurethane rubber rollerAfter the polyurethane rubber roller is replaced, it should be cleaned with a special cleaning agent for the rubber roller. The water temperature should be controlled at 50 ~ 60 . After drying, it is beneficial to enhance its spinnability and stability and improve the yarn quality. It is strictly forbidden to use strong acid, strong alkali, or alcohol, ester, ketone and other solutions to clean the polyurethane drafting rubber roller, so as to avoid damage to the surface state of the rubber roller, resulting in the deterioration of the yarn quality.


The running operation should strengthen the cleaning of the yarn, especially the cleaning of the yarn drafting area.

The air-conditioning, air flow and temperature and humidity of the workshop should be properly controlled. When the temperature of the spinning workshop is controlled at not more than 36 and the relative humidity is controlled at about 55%, the effect is ideal. The temperature and humidity conditions of the polyurethane rubber roller are stricter than that of the nitrile rubber roller, otherwise the rubber roller will be easily gnawed and worn. At the same time, a special person is arranged to check the dynamic status of the cots every day to prevent defective cots from spinning.


The process selection should be determined according to the trial spinning situation. Polyurethane rubber rollers are not suitable for tight-gauge and heavy-pressing processes.

Because under the condition of heavy pressure, the polyurethane rubber roller is easy to fatigue and heat up, resulting in a sharp decline in its strength and antistatic properties, and it cannot achieve the desired use effect. Therefore, the polyurethane rubber roller is suitable for the process of large rear space and light pressure. Generally, the rear space is set to 40 mm~45 mm, and the cradle pressure is set to 110 N/double spindle~130N/double spindle. Due to the significant reduction of the cradle pressure, the life of the cots, aprons and bearings is greatly extended. Generally, the grinding cycle of the ring spinning cots can reach 9 months to 12 months, and the agglomeration spinning cots can also reach 6 months. More than a month, greatly reducing the workload of the rubber roller room. At the same time, because the load on the spinning car surface is reduced, the transmission burden is reduced, and electricity can be saved by 5% to 10%.


Although the polyurethane rubber roller is a new product, it can exert its excellent performance and improve the yarn quality through reasonable selection, scientific management and maintenance. The grinding can be done with an automatic grinder or a semi-automatic grinder, and the white corundum large pore size is No. 45 and No. 60 grinding wheels; the speed of the grinding wheel should be high and not low, generally 2400r/min, and the ratio of the linear speed of the grinding roller to the grinding wheel should be small rather than large; It is best to dress the grinding wheel every shift, and pay attention to appropriately increase the vacuuming air volume of the rubber powder; the polyurethane rubber roller should be treated with ultraviolet light; the dynamic management and maintenance of the polyurethane rubber roller is also an important guarantee for its effect. Although the price of polyurethane rubber roller is higher than that of ordinary nitrile rubber roller, it has certain advantages in energy saving, consumption reduction and labor reduction, and it is worthy of promotion and use by spinning enterprises.

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