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Characteristics and types of polyurethane roller

Views: 635 Update date: Aug 25,2020

polyurethane rollerCasting polyurethane roller is a kind of roller made by pouring liquid polyurethane rubber. Compared with ordinary rubber rollers, it has higher mechanical strength (2-3 times of natural rubber), excellent wear resistance (5-10 times of natural rubber), outstanding compression resistance; wide range of hardness, and still has high elasticity under high hardness (other rubber types do not have); high surface finish; superior mechanical processing performance; adhesion with metal is also higher than ordinary rubber It is more suitable for certain wire speed and high pressure. At present, the development of polyurethane roller is very fast. A large number of common roller used in the past have been replaced by new polyurethane roller.


Casting polyurethane roller are generally divided into polyester type, polyether type and polycaprolactone type (referring to the main raw materials of flexible chain segment). Generally speaking, polyester type is mostly used in Roller with low and medium hardness. It has high physical and mechanical properties and good solvent resistance. It is commonly used in non-ferrous metal industry. Polyether type is widely used in high speed and high hardness roller. It has good water resistance, excellent low temperature resistance and good process performance. It is commonly used to manufacture drawing roller and printing roller. Polycaprolactone type has excellent comprehensive performance, good low temperature resistance and hydrolysis resistance. It is commonly used as press roller and roller with high requirements.

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