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What is the advantage of polyurethane bushings?

Views: 87 Update date: Aug 19,2020

Polyurethane bushing is a ring sleeve that acts as a gasket. In the valve application field, the bushing is in the valve cover, and generally uses corrosion-resistant materials such as polytetrafluoroethylene or graphite for sealing.


Function of polyurethane bushing


The valve rod is wrapped and worn, so it can be replaced easily. If the bushing is not used, parts will be replaced after wear. Therefore, it is replaced by rubber bushing (in design, the hardness of automobile bushing is reduced to make it a wear-bearing part in friction pair.) Because of its convenient processing, low replacement cost and easy replacement. Of course, there are also guiding functions, which are secondary.


1. It can effectively solve the problem of spring weakness and restore the performance of shock absorber;

2. With the principle of cushioning, the shock absorption performance is obviously improved and the comfort of Mercedes Benz is enjoyed;

3. Protect shock absorber and suspension system to avoid oil leakage of oil seal of shock absorber core;

4. The test results can extend the life of shock absorber by more than 2 times;

5. Reduce the noise during driving;

6. It can make the car body rise 3-5cm, restore the original height of the car body and improve the stability when passing through the deceleration track;

7. Shorten the braking distance and improve the safety;

8. Reduce fatigue after long-distance driving.

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