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Correctly Treat the Processing and Manufacturing of the Urethane Covered Roller Core

Views: 57 Update date: Apr 25,2022
urethane covered rollerIn the 1940s and 1950s ,in order to ensure the urethane quality of the urethane layer , a through hole was machined on the end faces of the two shafts of the roller core. On the one hand, it was used for the exhaust of the shaft head; during the process, steam can enter, and the heating is fast and uniform.

In the early 1960s, it was found that it was not good to drill a through hole on both ends of the roller core, because steam was fed into the roller when it was vulcanized in the vulcanization tank. When the steam was cooled, condensed water was generated, and the water accumulated in the lower half of the roller to drain. It does not come out, because the condensed water affects the heat transfer, theoretically speaking, the circumferential direction of the urethane-coated roller is unevenly heated, which affects the quality of the urethane roller. Therefore, it was later changed to cast a symmetrical 012~16 meter at each end of the cast iron roller body. The inclined hole makes the condensed water generated during the vulcanization process discharged into the tank at any time (that is, one end of the inclined hole of the roller core is upward, and the ¥ end is downward), so as to ensure the quality of the urethane roller.

However, some factories find it troublesome and try to save man-hours. They neither cast symmetrical inclined holes nor drill symmetrical inclined holes on the roll body, but plan a groove on each of the two roll diameters, or use a car to cut the two shaft holes of the roll body. Each knife pulls a groove, which is not allowed by design, and at the same time violates the manufacturing standards for urethane-coated roller cores stipulated by the state. 'The technical requirements of cast iron coated roller cores have been clearly stipulated, and the national unified standards should be strictly implemented. Some enterprises simply pursue profits and ignore quality, so it is easy to cause shaft breakage or uneven hardness of the urethane layer. In order to improve the acceptance of the quality of the urethane roller, the balance cover at both ends of the urethane roller is disassembled, and the diameter and depth of the inclined hole are checked to know whether the processing is correct or not.

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