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The Development of Polyurethane Rubber Rollers

Views: 397 Update date: May 02,2022

polyurethane rubber rollersThe application of domestic polyurethane rubber rollers began in the early 1980s, and the market demand has increased since then. The spare parts of polyurethane rubber rollers in the equipment introduced in papermaking, steel, printing and dyeing, textile and other industries are in urgent need of localization. For example, in Baosteel's cold rolling production line, polyurethane rubber rollers account for more than one-third of the total rubber rollers, and the consumption is considerable. In technological transformation and technological innovation, polyurethane rubber rollers are urgently needed to replace ordinary rubber rollers to improve production efficiency and save energy. For example, the cost of removing 1kg of water in the drying section of a paper machine is about 10 times larger than that in the press section. If the press roll It is very necessary to use polyurethane rubber instead of natural rubber for the surface material of the roller.

With the development of science and technology, a horizontal production process of polyurethane rubber rollers has appeared at present. This invention belongs to the technical field of rubber chemical industry, and particularly relates to a horizontal production process of polyurethane rubber rollers. The technical problem to be solved by the new invention is to provide a horizontal production process for large-scale polyurethane rubber rollers, so as to improve the overall physical properties of the rubber rollers. The horizontal production process of the newly invented large-scale polyurethane rubber roller includes the melting and mixing of raw materials, the synthesis of prepolymer, the pretreatment of the rubber roller casting mold, the casting molding, the vulcanization and the grinding processing steps. Among them, the pretreatment of the rubber roller casting mold. The processing step is that the rubber roller casting mold is placed horizontally and heated to 80-85°C; the casting and molding step is that the temperature is kept at 80-85°C. The new invention method improves the casting method, and the product has fewer defects and good appearance quality and excellent overall performance.

So you can see that the generation of a new technology is very useful, and this technology is also the result of my country's independent research and development. Therefore, everyone should have confidence in domestic products.

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