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Custom Process for Polyurethane Suspension Bushings

Views: 416 Update date: Feb 15,2022

Polyurethane Suspension BushingsAutomotive polyurethane PU bushings are mainly divided into: suspension bushings, balance bar bushings, shock rod bushings, torsion bar bushings, control arm bushings, leaf spring rubber bushings, rocker end link bushings sleeves, hook bushings, etc. According to the structure, it is divided into one-piece bushings, only the bushing of the inner cylinder, the inner and outer cylinders are bonded, the inner and outer cylinders are pressed in, and the inner cylinder is bonded and the outer cylinder is pressed in.



The company's polyurethane bushing customization process


1. According to the conditions given by the customer and the experience of the customer, determine the approximate shape of the bushing and the linking method of the related parts.


2. According to the state of the parts under normal load, the size of the static state is designed, and the overload protection of each point is determined according to the limit force of each point.


3. Determine the plan and then communicate with the client if there is room for improvement.


4. Select the material needed to make the bushing according to the vehicle condition. Try to choose raw materials with high strength, light weight and low cost.


5. After finalizing the plan, open the mold


6. The mold is formed and then the experimental mold can be improved to produce the mold.

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