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Advantages of PU tube for hydraulic seal machining

Views: 106 Update date: Mar 10,2022

PU tube for hydraulic seal machiningPolyurethane elastomer material cast with MDI base material (referred to as: MDI polyurethane tube material), which has more Good high strength, good elasticity, tear resistance, high pressure resistance and not easy to deform. We provide different kinds of polyurethane materials, covering various harsh working conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, lack of lubrication, etc., which can meet the use of different environments and different sealing forms.


As the main material of modern seals, polyurethane plays a very key role in the entire sealing industry. We have long been committed to the development and practice of the application level of polyurethane materials, and we have accumulated many years of experience in the polyurethane industry. In order to meet your different needs for polyurethane products, we support customization with drawings and samples.


Polyurethane tube materials for turning seals are widely used in various fields such as mechanical parts, hydraulic transmission and seals. In the sealing industry, it is mainly used to make high-pressure reciprocating sealing rings such as Y-shaped, U-shaped V-shaped sealing rings for piston rods and cylinders in various hydraulic machinery, and polyurethane elastomer springs and other equipment parts. Seals made from MDI-based polyurethane cartridges can be used in vegetable oils, mineral oils, water, alcohols and biodegradable hydraulic oils up to 100°C.


The company's polyurethane barrels for turning seals have been proven through years of customer use and laboratory use, and the service life of the seals produced by the polyurethane we provide far exceeds the industry average.

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