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Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Urethane Wheel

Views: 541 Update date: Oct 27,2020

Urethane WheelFrequently Asked Questions about Custom Urethane Wheel


Q1: Do you have stocked urethane wheel?

A1: No. We only specialize in custom one.


Q2: How can you offer cost for custom urethane wheel?

A2: Please provide drawing, hardness, quantity and working environment. The more information you provide, the more cost effective products we can offer.


Q3: Do you have MOQ for urethane wheel?

A3: No MOQ .We accept quantity from 1pcs to 1000pcs.


Q4: If I send you sample of urethane wheel, can you duplicate it or redesign?

A4: It is preferable if customer can provide drawing. If not, customer needs to provide tolerance for critical measurements, we can make drawing and samples for your testing. If tolerance is unknown, customer may try samples onsite and offer feedback, so we can revise mold and send new sample until it fits completely.


Q5: Do you make wheel core by yourselves?

A5: We can make easy wheel cores by ourselves. For some complicated ones, we have six reliable metal processing works, and two of them have been working with us since 2004.


Q6: How do you apply QC on custom urethane wheel?

A6: We issue first article testing report and send samples for customer to approve before volume production. We have 10 inspectors inspect raw material, samples, operation process, semi-products and final products. We also apply full inspection on wheel cores supplied by machining works.

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