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Production Process of Thin Polyurethane Sheet

Views: 470 Update date: Nov 03,2020

polyurethane sheetThere are many processing and molding methods for CPU elastomer products, which should be selected according to the shape, quality requirements and processing cost of the product. The production of CPU products is divided into production methods, including manual batch method and mechanical continuous method. According to the casting method, it can be divided into vertical casting method, inclined casting method, bottom injection method, rotary casting method and spraying method. It can also be divided into atmospheric molding method, pressure molding method, centrifugal molding method, vacuum molding method and transfer molding method according to the molding method of the product.


Centrifugal molding method is used to manufacture thin and complex shaped products. It can also be laminated, coated and composited to make reinforced materials, such as lining cloth, fibers and steel wires in the mold to make reinforced sheets and pipes. And various toothed belts, etc. This method is to inject the liquid mixture into the center of the mold and make it enter the mold cavity by centrifugal force. The liquid mixture does not need to defoam, and the centrifugal force can produce forced defoaming. The rotation speed varies with different materials and products, generally 500-2000r/min is appropriate. Maintain a balance between rotation rate, viscosity and gel rate, otherwise, the product is prone to unevenness.


The centrifugal molding method can be used to make polyurethane sheet with a thickness from 1mm to 12mm, and the hardness range is Shore 20A-98A. The length and width of the company's centrifuge is fixed at 1000mm*4000mm.

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