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How to Grind Polyurethane Roller?

Views: 558 Update date: Dec 27,2021

grind polyurethane rollerAt present, many companies that have higher requirements for printing have a polyurethane roller, which has good wear resistance and elasticity, and the production technology of the product is mature, and people can process grinding in the process of using rubber rollers. Process is a roughly understanding.

Here's details of the grinding process and parameter selection of the polyurethane roller in detail:

First, for the machine tool, the accuracy of the spindle is detected and adjusted, and the factory accuracy is reached; the grinding wheel is balanced to reduce grinding. Adjust and detect the mandrel of the mounting parts to ensure within design tolerances.

In order to ensure the processing accuracy and the table and roughness requirements, you can choose two grinding methods:

(1) Once grinding type. That is, after trimming the outer arc of the grinding wheel with the diamond wheel, it is directly grounded to the dimension. As a result, when the grinding wheel particle size is large, the grinding efficiency is high, but the surface roughness of the polyurethane roller is difficult to achieve; when the grinding wheel particle size is selected, the surface roughness is required, but the grinding efficiency is low.

(2) Working with the way to polish first. After rough grinding, leave 0.01 ~ 0.02 mm margin, polished with a blank wheel. Since the polyurethane rubber rollers are wear resistant. Among them, the process of coarse grinding and refining is used, and the PVA grinding wheel with polishing effect is used in fine grinding, which combines fine grinding and polishing, and the processing is completed, which not only guarantees accurate requirements, but also high efficiency. When choosing a grinding wheel, it is necessary to consider maintaining a circular arc shape and considering processing efficiency. At the same time, due to the small amount of balance, the surface roughness cannot be too high.

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