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Why Polyurethane control arm bushing?

Views: 514 Update date: Jan 05,2022

Polyurethane control arm bushing


Polyurethane control arm bushingThe existing control arm bushing is generally composed of a metal inner tube, a metal shell, and a rubber tube between the two, and the three are vulcanized into one body and their axis lines coincide. Such a bushing is integrally pressed into the control arm body, the outer tube and the connecting hole on the control arm are interference fit so that the bushing and the control arm body are integrated into one body, and the control arm and inner tube are respectively connected to the vehicle body and the wheel bracket, and the vehicle runs At this time, the rubber tube produces elastic deformation along the radial direction of the tube body to resist the vibration from the inner tube or the control arm body, so that the vibration is filtered and cannot be transmitted continuously, so that the vehicle runs more smoothly and improves riding comfort. However, because the inner and outer tubes and rubber tube of this kind of bushing are vulcanized into one body, when the control arm body drives the outer tube to rotate around the shaft core, the rubber tube is easily damaged by shearing, and the structural strength of the rubber tube is damaged. Significantly reduced, the shock absorption capacity of the bushing will be greatly reduced. In other words, such bushings have poor durability and low service life.


The purpose of replacing the polyurethane bushing is to provide a control arm bushing with a long service life. Advantages of polyurethane automotive control arm bushings: Polyurethane bushings have good toughness and strength, have a good effect of restraining swing, and due to their excellent toughness, there will be no excessive bounce. In addition, a good polyurethane material has strong stability and can ensure that it is used for many years without oxidation and deformation, ensuring that the vehicle is not affected by its life, and the probability of abnormal noise is small. Polyurethane bushings have good performance in durability and ductility, and are more suitable for car owners who have requirements for handling.

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