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Introduction of polyurethane gel sheet

Views: 466 Update date: Mar 24,2020

polyurethane gel sheet

Polyurethane elastomer products are used in different industries, most of which are industrial spare parts. This kind of products have the general characteristics of wear-resistant, good elasticity, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean. They can also be customized in various shapes and sizes according to the requirements.

Polyurethane gel sheet is the key consumables for cleaning electronic products. It makes full use of polyurethane's characteristics of high wear resistance, water resistance, no slag falling, etc. to effectively protect the cleaning products from damage or damage. It is convenient and efficient for cleaning.

The shape of this kind of products is simple, the requirement of cleanliness is high, and the requirement of manufacturing process is high. The PU get sheet produced by Pepsen is used in the electronic manufacturing industry, industrial automation, automobile accessories and home anti sliding. Our company can also customize all kinds of products with corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, water resistance, different colors, hardness and viscosity according to the actual use environment of customers. Different polyurethane raw materials, different formulas and different processes produce products with different properties.

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