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Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Polyurethane Parts
Views: 948 | Update Date: Jan 17 , 2019

Q1: Are you factory or trading company? A1: Yes, we are a factory who have been focusing on standard and custom casting polyurethane parts since 1996.   Q2: How many workers in your factory? A2: We have 85 workers and 80% of them have been working for us over 5 years....

PEPSEN polyurethane is chose to produce thousands of polyurethane rollers for a leading powerful air-powered paper roll movers manufacturer in the USA
Views: 662 | Update Date: Jan 11 , 2019

Shanghai, Jan 7, 2019 —PEPSEN polyurethane is selected to produce thousands of polyurethane rollers for a leading powerful air-powered paper roll mover’s manufacturer in the USA. Our customer had many requirements for these rollers with strangest bonding strength .These rollers are for air-powered paper roll...

A successful cooperation about custom polyurethane bushings with UK customer
Views: 813 | Update Date: Jan 03 , 2019

Client inquiry from UK: Hi Ban,   I came across your company on website and see you do Polyurethane parts. We are looking to have made some top mount bushings, see picture attached! I can send you sample so you can send me your best price for 300 pieces. To...

The Big World of Polyurethane 1: What is polyurethane?
Views: 679 | Update Date: Dec 28 , 2018

The Big World of Polyurethane 1: What is polyurethane? Polyurethane is also called PU, PUR or urethane.   No matter what you do and where you are, polyurethane plays an important role in our lives though we are unaware of it.   Polyurethane is one of polymers...

Equipped with CNC Engraving and Milling Machine
Views: 825 | Update Date: Dec 20 , 2018

PEPSEN team recently won a bid of over 1.5 million USD for polycrystalline silicon industry. Polyurethane vibration screen is one of key products, it is used to keep steel frame from polluting polycrystalline silicon. The polyurethane screen is molded and then installed on steel frame. Polyurethane is...

Shield Tunneling Machines with Polyurethane Wheels Won National Prize
Views: 719 | Update Date: Dec 13 , 2018

Shanghai Pepsen has been manufacturing polyurethane wheels and rollers for shield tunneling machines since 2010 for China Railway Construction Cooperation. On Dec 8, 2018, the latest shield tunneling machines using PEPSEN polyurethane coated roller/wheels/tires won the second prize in the competition of...

World  famous Danish sealing company visited PEPSEN
Views: 666 | Update Date: Dec 05 , 2018

PEPSEN has been commicating with one of the biggest Danish sealing comany since 2017. The communication is mainly about projects of PUR rubber sheet and casting molded PUR pad . According to physical properties customer provides and hopes to meet, PEPSEN experienced engineer adjusted formulations and...

PEPSEN attended SNEC 12th (2018) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition
Views: 867 | Update Date: Jun 07 , 2018

PEPSEN attended SNEC 12th (2018) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition.   In the past four years, Pepsen has been successfully manufactured polyurethane liners/covering and other parts for several biggest polysilicon...

Newly equipped with 500 tons Pressing Machine for Polyurethane Press-On tired wheel
Views: 995 | Update Date: May 22 , 2018

The solid polyurethane tires made by Pepsen are chemically bonded to replaceable steel rims, which are "pressed on" to a heavy-duty cast iron center, it is widely used as forklift wheel. Previously we have sister company press urethane tire on heavy cast iron core for us. The new and big projects...

Newly equipped with Plate Valcanizer
Views: 906 | Update Date: May 15 , 2018

The business for compression mold casting polyurethane has been expanded by 200% in 2018 than that of 2017, though there are two existing Plate Valcanizers in Pepsen, it exceeds our production capacity dramatically.   The compression molded polyurethane and Plate Vulcanization are...

PEPSEN get accredited with ISO 9001:2015 Certification
Views: 830 | Update Date: May 10 , 2018

SHANGHAI PEPSEN are proud to announce that we are now ISO 9001:2015 accredited   SHANGHAI PEPSEN decided to become ISO 9001:2015 certified, not only because of anticipation of our customers, but also indicating commitment to providing quality products and services to customers.   ...

Renowned Gold Mine CEO from Perth Australia visited us
Views: 863 | Update Date: May 04 , 2018

Since 2013, PEPSEN has been making various polyurethane hydrocyclone linings for this famous gold mine enterprise in Perth . These include polyurethane vortex finder, spigot housing, cone, cyclone cover plate and feed chamber     This visiting aims to push the...

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