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Polyurethane Bushings and Mounts

Pepsen Manufacturing history of Cast Polyurethane Bushings

Polyurethane bushings are manufactured at Pepsen from 2004 when rubber bushings were widely replaced by urethane bushings in China. Our durable custom polyurethane bushings can be molded or machined depending on hardness, quantity and shape. Polyurethane bushings have been widely used in vibration isolation applications, suspensions, mountings and a wide variety of other applications. Pepsen manufactures urethane bushings for customers over 20 countries. Our application specific polyurethane formulation got approval from customers for its great impact and abrasion resistance.


How does urethane bushing beat conventional rubber bushing?

Polyurethane is called “The King of Abrasion Resistance” . Actually, it is more than that, polyurethane outlasts natural rubber 10:1 in wears resistance and definitely it is most abrasion polymer comparing to all rubber and plastic. Besides that, the great impact resistance also exceeds most rubber. Some of polyurethane formulation performance very well in oil resistance and good dynamic mechanical properties. Custom polyurethane bushings are not only found in most of the cars and trucks but in most heavy equipment as well. Our cast urethane bushings and bearings are used in frictional or corrosive environments and can eliminate down time and reduce replacement costs. 


What is difference between cast urethane bushings and injection molded ones?

Casting molding and injection molding are two main ways to make polyurethane bushings. However, they have totally different raw material, tooling cost, quality and production efficiency. The material used for casting process is called thermoset polyurethane while for injection one is thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). TPU is famous for its good elongation break as it has linear molecular structure, so it is usually used for linear products such as TPU belt, tube and T-squeegee. Thermoset polyurethane has crosslink molecular structure, so it has much better abrasion and impact resistance. It is well known that tooling cost for injection is expensive, so it is always used for high volume products that requires shorter lead time. The post curing process lasts 10-12 hours for casting process while there is no curing process for inspection. All these make casting polyurethane an ideal choice for high-quality bushings used in tough condition, so it will reduce down-time and save money. We cast low and high volume production runs with economical tooling costs and typical lead times are 2-4 weeks from start to finish including tooling. We offer large urethane bushings in excess of 2000 lbs with custom formulated options.


Which Applications Can Polyurethane Bushings be Used?

Polyurethane bushings are a great choice for many applications .Send us samples or your design, and you will get what you want exactly and inexpensively. In addition to custom cast urethane bushings, we offer wide range metal fabrication (turning, drilling, milling, CNC machining, metal forming and steel castings) and product design services: Suspension Bushing, Truck Body Mount, Motor (Engine) Mounts, Track Bar Bushing, Engine Swap Mount Bracket Bushing Inserts, Shackle Bushings, Torsion Bar Mounts, Mount Bushings, Sway Bar End Link bushings, Leaf Spring Bushing, Control Arm Bushings, Bump Stops.

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