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Potting and coating polyurethane products

Views: 68 Update date: Jan 19,2021

polyurethane Potting Potting and coating polyurethane products

Because of its low viscosity and good fluidity, CPU can be cured at room temperature. In some areas, it gradually replaces brittle epoxy resin and low-strength silicone rubber with poor adhesion.


For example, the potting of the washing machine circuit board uses CPU potting. The processing technology is to make a simple mold. The mold material can be metal or non-metal. The electrical components to be potted are placed in the mold (in order to achieve the potting The product is free of defects and bubbles. The electrical components must be preheated at a certain temperature before potting), the prepolymer is mixed with MOCA, and then poured after deaeration. The mold can be demoulded after a period of room temperature vulcanization.


Due to the resistance of electrical components The temperature is generally below 80°C, so the CPU potting material should be able to cure at low or room temperature. CPU is also an ideal coating material, such as blade coating, transformer coating, etc. are all molded by mold.

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