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Pressure casting molding method and molded urethane products

Views: 85 Update date: Dec 30,2020

  pressure casting molded urethane productsThe pressure molding method is suitable for mass production of products with stricter size requirements or the upper part is usually not flat. It is a commonly used method in the production of cast products. Inject the mixed rubber material into the mold, stay for a period of time, and close the mold when it gels and press it into shape. The key to this method is the mastery of the gel point. It is too early to close the mold and pressurize, and the squeezing force of the rubber material is not enough, and it is difficult to completely discharge the internal bubbles; pressurized after the gel point, the material is cross-linked, and the elasticity is large and easy to crack. The gel point should be determined through experience based on specific conditions. The characteristic of the material when it reaches the gel point is that the surface is not sticky, but it has not been completely hardened (the touch of the available material). It is also possible to use gel material for pressure molding. According to the size of the mold, cut the gel sheet into an appropriate size and install it in the mold. The mold temperature or processing temperature is 90-120°C, and the pressure vulcanization time depends on the part, shape and size. It can also be press-molded with granular gel materials. This method requires higher mold strength.


  Among CPU products, the most type is molded products. Generally, molded products have complex shapes and are not easy to machine. The required dimensions are relatively accurate, and the internal quality requirements are also high, such as seals for hydraulic systems, elastic couplings, etc. Molded products have various shapes and a wide range of applications. The formula is different. How to improve the yield of molded products requires continuous summing up of experience and improving the level of operation. Here are two points: First, the structure of the mold must be carefully considered, not only the yield of the product, but also the convenience of operation and the manufacturing cost of the mold; the second is that the timing of mold clamping must be accurate, otherwise it will lead to waste. The clamping time of different formulas is not the same. It must be determined according to the specific situation, and needs to constantly explore and accumulate experience in practice.

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