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Structure and principle of polyurethane roller for mecanum wheel

Views: 255 Update date: Jul 11,2023

mecaunum wheel urethane rollerThe mecanum wheel is a device that can move in all directions. This all-round movement is based on the principle of a center wheel with many axles located around the wheel. These angular peripheral axles convert part of the steering force of the wheel into a normal force of the wheel. Depending on the direction and speed of the respective wheels, the final combination of these forces produces a resultant force vector in any desired direction, thus ensuring that the platform can move freely in the direction of the resultant force vector without changing the direction of the wheels themselves. Many polyurethane rubber wheels are distributed diagonally on its rim, so the wheels can slip laterally. The busbar of the small roller is very special, when the wheel rotates around the fixed wheel mandrels, the envelope of each polyurethane wheel is cylindrical, so the wheel can continuously roll forward. Polyurethane mecanum wheel is a very successful all-round wheel with compact structure and flexible movement. There are four of these new wheels in combination, which can be more flexible and convenient to achieve all-round mobility.

Structure of polyurethane mecanum wheel:

Omnidirectional wheels have in common with polyurethane mecanum wheels in that they are composed of two parts: the hub and the roller. The hub is the main support of the whole wheel, and the roller is a drum mounted on the hub. The hub shaft of the omnidirectional wheel is perpendicular to the roller shaft, while the hub shaft of the polyurethane mecanum wheel is at a 45° Angle to the roller shaft. In theory, this Angle can be any value, and different wheels can be made according to different angles, but these two are the most commonly used.

In recent years, the application of polyurethane mecanum wheels has gradually increased, especially in Robocon, FRC and other robot competitions. This is because McNamum wheels can be mounted on shafts parallel to each other, just like traditional wheels. And if you want to use the omnidirectional wheel to complete a similar function, the Angle between several hub shafts must be 60°, 90° or 120°, such an Angle of production and manufacturing is more troublesome. Therefore, many industrial omnidirectional mobile platforms use polyurethane mecanum wheels instead of omnidirectional wheels, such as this domestic forklift: omnidirectional mobile platform urethane mecanum wheel forklift

Disadvantage of mecanum wheel

The force on the mecanum wheel is not parallel to the direction of travel, which will inevitably lead to vertical force, relative sliding of the wheel and the ground, and serious wear on the wheel surface. Shanghai Pepsen can customize polyurethane roller according to customer requirements, according to different bearing needs to produce different hardness of rubber coated wheel, effectively solve the problem of polyurethane rubber coated wheel wear fast, easy to degumming.

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