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Why does the size of polyurethane vary so much?

Views: 219 Update date: Jul 06,2023

  thermal expansion coefficient of polyurethane Shanghai Pepsen Polyurethane Products Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development and customization of polyurethane elastomer products, customer satisfaction has maintained a high level. However, recently our sales engineer of polyurethane isostatic pressure mold received a complaint from a customer that the polyurethane had expanded!

  The customer just received the polyurethane isostatic pressure sleeve made by us, which could not be effectively tightly held and sealed, resulting in powder leakage during the filling process. The customer did not understand that, the sleeve of this specification has been made for countless times, and we also used the previous mold for pouring, why did you make the inner diameter so much larger this time? Didn't the quality control people inspect it?

  After detailed communication with the customer, we learned that the temperature in the north in early summer reached an unprecedented 40 degrees Celsius, and the temperature of the customer's factory workshop was also high to 50~6 degrees Celsius,so polyurethane does expanded!

  The mechanical properties of polyurethane are highly adjustable, and different mechanical properties can be obtained by controlling the proportion between the crystallized hard segment and the non-crystallized soft segment. Of course, polyurethane also has disadvantages, that is, it is easy to expand, and the expansion coefficient is still a little large. The thermal expansion coefficient of polyurethane is about 180×10-6m/m. C, so the larger the diameter of the product, when the ambient temperature changes, the size difference is relatively large, which is also the reason why the size of our polyurethane products can not be controlled to be very accurate. Dear customers, please also understand the characteristics of polyurethane easy to expand, so that we can plan in advance the reasonable tolerance of the product size we need, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by this.

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