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What causes polyurethane to turn yellow and hydrolyze?

Views: 175 Update date: Oct 17,2023

hydrolysis polyurethane1) About the discoloration of polyurethane

Polyurethanes can become darker by absorbing ultraviolet or lighting light, a phenomenon known as yellowing. However, it does not affect its physical properties, and please fully understand when using.

2) Hydrolysis characteristics of polyurethane

If polyurethane continues to be used in a moisture or humid environment for a long time, it will be hydrolyzed and deteriorated.

It is recommended to manage the temperature and humidity of the warehouse and the use environment in areas with high humidity to extend the service life of products.

3) Changes in the state of the product after hydrolysis

The surface of the polyurethane is sticky

Fingernail pressing can leave irreversible scars

The hardness of polyurethane decreases

Polyurethane dry crack, easily dissolves into powder

4) polyurethane size change

The size of polyurethane will change with the surrounding temperature, but the change is not large, and it can be restored to the original size when placed at room temperature for a few hours.

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