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Shanghai Pepsen participated in CeMAT ASIA 2023

Views: 148 Update date: Nov 09,2023

  Shanghai Pepsen participated in CeMAT ASIA 2023Recently Shanghai Pepsen polyurethane Products Co., Ltd. also actively participated in CeMAT ASIA (International logistics Exhibition), as a cast polyurethane elastomer manufacturers, there are many related products in the logistics industry, although in some areas although not our strengths, but does not affect us to show our strength!

   Participating in the logistics exhibition is an important opportunity for Shanghai Pepsen through the exhibition can let more people know about our brand and services, and communicate with potential customers and establish contacts; Face-to-face communication with new and old customers and feedback and suggestions can help us improve our products and service quality; We can also understand the products and market dynamics of our competitors, so that we can better adjust our strategies and enhance our competitiveness.

   Shanghai Pepsen Polyurethane Products Co., Ltd. was established in March 2004, is a focus on casting polyurethane elastomers customized research and development and production enterprises. The company has advanced production equipment and experienced team, committed to providing customers with high quality polyurethane elastomer products.

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