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What is the Polyurethane Wheels? Which Fields Can It Be Used in?

Views: 573 Update date: Dec 08,2021

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Polyurethane wheels are widely used in daily life and industrial production. Because of its unique advantages, it brings great convenience to our production and life. Next, let's take a look at the polyurethane wheels in detail.


1. The characteristics of polyurethane wheels

Polyurethane elastomer not only has the high elasticity of rubber, but also the high hardness and high strength of plastic. It has excellent wear resistance, high mechanical strength and excellent oil resistance, chemical resistance, flex resistance, and low temperature resistance. The polyurethane wheel has low rolling resistance; the wear resistance is improved several times, and the service life is long; the tread material does not contain carbon black and rubber filling oil, and will not pollute the air and soil when worn. Polyurethane elastomer is an ideal material for green tires and tire green manufacturing

Polyurethane has good weight, good wear resistance, anti-corrosion and anti-vibration performance, and it is considered the first choice among wheel materials. Under normal circumstances, the size of the wheel is between 4 and 8 inches (100-200mm). The material of the polyurethane wheel is the best, with superior wear resistance, large adjustable range of performance, diverse processing methods, wide applicability, oil and ozone resistance , Anti-aging, radiation resistance, low temperature resistance, good sound permeability, strong adhesion, excellent biocompatibility and blood compatibility.


2. Application of polyurethane wheels

Polyurethane wheels are significantly better than wheels of other materials in terms of wear resistance, wheel rolling resistance and tear resistance. The load capacity of the polyurethane wheel of the same size is 6-7 times that of the rubber wheel. The production process can be continuous and automated, and there is little waste in the production and use process.

More importantly, part of the carcass of waste polyurethane wheels can be recycled and used as other polyurethane products without causing environmental pollution. Moreover, it is formed by liquid casting and has a simple manufacturing process. Therefore, it is called the green wheel of the 21st century. Polyurethane wheels will be the mainstream of the development of casters in various industries in the future.

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