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Grinding of polyurethane rubber roller

Views: 88 Update date: Mar 17,2022

  Grinding of polyurethane rubber roller  The surface of the polyurethane rubber roller grinding is prone to a rough or a sticky when grinding wheel cannot be sharpened, so it is necessary to pay attention to the following aspects.


1. Grinding machine selection

The general grinding machine is not suitable for the tempering of the polyurethane rubber roller due to the non-adjustment of the grinding parameters and too narrowing the grinding wheel. In general, polyurethane gear mills can be used for spinning automatic grinding machines, semi-automatic grinding machines (60mm wide grinding wheel series) or high efficiency series grinding machines.




2. Grinding wheel

The white granulose large gas hole is selected from 45 and 60, and the side width is 60 mm grinding wheels, and the surface roughness of the grinding polyurethane rubber roll is most suitable.


3. Grinding wheel speed and grinding wheel speed ratio

When the polyurethane rubber roller is ground, the speed of the grinding wheel should not be low, generally 2400 r / min; the line speed ratio of the grinding roller and the grinding wheel should be small, and the general frequency selection is relatively close.


4. Grinding wheel cleaning and grinding cycle

When the polyurethane rubber roller is grinding, the grinding wheel and the grinding roller blow and the grinding time should not be too long. This is because the polyurethane rubber roller is not resistant to high temperature, and the warmth of the grinding wheel will affect the grinding quality.

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