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Mildew resistance of polyurethane

Views: 178 Update date: Jul 02,2020

Mildew resistance of polyurethane

Polyether type polyurethane has good resistance to mildew, and the test grade is 0 ~ 1, that is, no mildew or basically no mildew. However, polyester type polyurethane (including polycaprolactone) is not resistant to mildew, and the test result is severe mildew, which is not suitable for field use in tropical and subtropical areas and storage under hot and humid conditions. The optimum temperature for mildew growth and reproduction is 26 ~ 32 and relative humidity is over 85%.


Polyurethane products must be stored in a dry and well-ventilated place, not on the ground. If the polyester polyurethane elastomer products are not properly kept, after one or two years, the surface of the products will be sticky, athe mechanical properties will almost lose, or even completely lose the use value. Formula mildew proofing agent (such as octahydroxyquinolone, BCM, etc.) should be added in the polyester polyurethane elastomer which is used in the field and in the humid and hot environment, the general amount is 0.1% ~ 0.5%, in order to improve its anti-mildew performance.

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