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Cast Urethane Parts

Shanghai Pepsenhas been manufacturing ten thousands of cast urethane parts (or called PU parts, polyurethane parts, PUR parts) with custom hardness, formulations, specifications and colors. We provide various polyurethane solutions no matter it is one piece or one thousand. By using economical or high-performance prepolymer, curatives and additives, Shanghai Pepsen can provide various options for different applications and requirements. 

What Is Cast Urethane?

Cast urethane usually comes up with master pattern making, silicon mold and pouring urethane. Because of inexpensive tooling cost comparing to injection mold, cast urethane is usually used for small qty parts or prototype production. Pepsen uses this process for many products such as urethane concrete stamp, PU floor bunding, other complicated parts and parts with de-molding issues. Another definition of cast urethane parts(with respect to polyurethane injection process, polyurethane spraying process or polyurethane foaming) means parts made by mixing raw materials and pouring/casting urethane into molds, no matter molds are made of silicon or metal.


Is Cast Urethane Suitable For High Volume Parts?

Comparing to injection molded PU, cast urethane has lower production efficiency. Even if it is produced by casting machine, the curing and de-molding process can only be handled manually. In most cases, it is for pure cast urethane parts have better quality while efficiency is lower. However, it is not necessary to worry about output unless volume is more than ten thousands.


Advantages of Cast Urethane Parts?

Cast urethane is kind of thermoset urethane which has much better physical properties than most of injection molded parts and extruded thermoplastics. It is widely used in application requiring high performance. Besides, you almost do not need any special production facility if you do not care much about high quality products. Besides traditional way of using silicon molds, Pepsen developed more economical molds for cast urethane parts. The way avoids that workers need to have ability of making both urethane and silicon, besides, company does not need to purchase raw materials for two different products.