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Polyurethane Sheet

Shanghai Pepsen is one of China earliest manufacturers of various polyurethane standard shapes and polyurethane sheet is one of them. Polyurethane sheet is normally regarded as “easiest” product, it is more than that if the aim is to provide quality and aesthetically product. Pepsen can also provide PU gel sheet, dual-hardness PU sheet and overlong urethane sheet those require much experience and engineering capability.


Why will you choose Pepsen to make polyurethane sheet?

From concept, to production, to delivery, we have over 25 years experience with made-to-order cast urethane & cast polyurethane elastomer products. Weaver Industries offers polyurethane wheels, custom polyurethane molding, polyurethane bushings, polyurethane sheet, polyurethane roller & urethane/polyurethane manufacturing. Skilled at custom casting, discover the advantages of our urethane sheet and Action Mallet heads.

-   In-house prepolymer manufacturing

-   Economical and high performance raw materials available

-   Hardness ranging from Shore 0A to 98A to 80D.

-   Most of polyurethane standard sheets can be produced with little or no mold cost.

-   Over 30 stocked color options and customized colors available in PEPSEN.

-   In House Machining Services to hold tight tolerances after casting.


How does Pepsen manufacture polyurethane sheet in different thickness and hardness?

Thin polyurethane sheet are made by centrifugal machines which can assure tight tolerance of thickness. We cast thick sheet on platform casting oven the biggest dimension of which is 2mX4m, there are 6 ovens in Pepsen that can short lead time of big order. Hardness will not only affect the cost but also lead time. Besides that, polyurethane formulas will also decide the availability and tolerance of Polyurethane sheet. Pepsen accumulates rich dates and experience from 20 years’ manufacturing experience.


How many color options Pepsen can provide and how colors affect physical properties of polyurethane sheet?

As we have developed and manufactured ten thousands of polyurethane sheet, color is usually customized under client’s request, so there are over 30 stocked colors for you to choose. Pepsen cooperates with renowned international colorant company who provided us with mostly organic colorant. It is uncertain how some metallic elements in some colorants affect reaction of polyurethane, we will test physical properties of samples with and without color before we bring custom colorant into volume production for Polyurethane sheet. Other special polyurethane sheets: Antistatic Urethane Sheet, PU gel sheet, Dual-hardness polyurethane sheet, Oil and Chemical Resistance polyurethane sheet, High-Performance Vulkollan equivalent Urethane Sheets, 36 meters long polyurethane sheet