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Development and Application of Polyurethane Wheels
Views: 605 | Update Date: Jun 08 , 2021

The earliest polyurethane wheels were solid wheels, which showed the advantages of excellent wear resistance and large carrying capacity when transporting goods under harsh conditions, and are still widely used today. Beginning in the 1970s and 1980s, some domestic and foreign wheel companies or R&D...

Pepsen Welcomes Challenges that Custom Polyurethane Products Can Bring
Views: 574 | Update Date: May 20 , 2021

Compression molding responds to a wide range of product sizes, shapes and performance requirements. Shanghai Pepsen Polyurethane Co., Ltd. welcomes the challenge that custom polyurethane products can bring. We have over15 years of experience in custom polyurethane molding. Over the years, we have...

TPU antimicrobial performance
Views: 658 | Update Date: May 11 , 2021

TPU antimicrobial growth performance is closely related to the soft segment structure. The polyester soft segment is not antimicrobial, while the polyether soft segment has strong resistance. Here we discuss the comparison of TPU anti-microbial growth with rubber and plastic, and the influence of microorganisms...

Chemical resistance of TPU
Views: 633 | Update Date: Apr 28 , 2021

Chemical resistance of TPU   The chemical resistance of TPU includes inorganic acid-base salts and organic solvents, the latter has the influence of chemical cross-linking and soaking time, and the comparison of polyester and polyether TPU.   Acid, alkali and salt...

Grease resistance of TPU
Views: 600 | Update Date: Apr 22 , 2021

Fats refer to vegetable oils and animal fats. As a material of TPU elastomer, its grease resistance is an important indicator of whether it can be used in food contact. The resistance of TPU to vegetable oils and animal fats is discussed here.   (1) The results of vegetable oil resistance show...

Comparison of TPU and rubber load capacity 
Views: 547 | Update Date: Apr 15 , 2021

This test is carried out on TPU wheels and rubber wheels of the same size and same deformation. The purpose is to compare the load capacity of the two elastomers.   The hardness is Shore D15~D70, and the "equivalent load index" is calculated from the compression modulus of rubber...

Introduction of TPU hardness
Views: 561 | Update Date: Apr 08 , 2021

  Hardness is an indicator of the ability of a material to resist deformation, nicks and scratches. TPU hardness is usually measured by Shore A and Shore D hardness testers. Shore A is used for softer TPU and Shore D is used for harder TPU. Due to the nature of the block copolymer TPU determines its...

The general introduction of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane)
Views: 651 | Update Date: Mar 31 , 2021

As an elastomer, TPU is a material between rubber and plastic. This can be seen from its rigidity. The rigidity of TPU can be measured by its elastic modulus.   The elastic modulus of rubber is usually 1-10MPa, TPU is 10-1000MPa, and plastic (nylon, ABS, polycarbonate,...

Selection of Parting Surface of Polyurethane Casting Mould
Views: 493 | Update Date: Mar 25 , 2021

The selection of parting surface is the key to the design of various mold structures. Whether the parting surface is selected reasonably or not is directly related to the product quality, the convenience of mold loading and unloading, and the cost of mold processing.   The requirements for...

Why cast polyurethane products have size shrinkage?
Views: 1763 | Update Date: Mar 17 , 2021

  The size shrinkage of cast polyurethane products is mainly based on the following two reasons.   When the pouring material changes from liquid to solid, the molecular cohesion increases, which makes the product size smaller.   The thermal expansion coefficient of the...

Common materials and main properties of cast polyurethane molds
Views: 491 | Update Date: Mar 12 , 2021

Common materials and main properties of cast polyurethane molds   Common materials and main properties When selecting mold materials, consider the source of the material, the price, and the size of the product batch. For large batches of products, high-quality materials should be selected; mold materials for...

Mold design of casting polyurethane products
Views: 619 | Update Date: Mar 02 , 2021

Processing CPU elastomer products is inseparable from the mold. For processing methods such as normal pressure casting and pressure molding, which are often used, the requirements for molds are also different. For normal pressure open casting molding, since external pressure is not required, the strength of the...

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