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Introduction of polyurethane lining
Views: 105 | Update Date: Dec 16 , 2020

There are many applications of CPU as lining of pipelines and equipment, such as lining of mud conveying pipeline, polishing machine lining, water pump lining, cyclone lining, ball mill lining, etc. The processing of the lining is generally made by pouring the lining object as the outer mold. The surface in...

Centrifugal molding method and polyurethane board (sheet) material
Views: 105 | Update Date: Dec 08 , 2020

Centrifugal molding method and polyurethane plate (sheet) material   This method is used to manufacture thin and complex shaped products. It can also be laminated, covered and composited to manufacture reinforced materials, such as lining cloth, fibers and steel wires in the mold to manufacture...

Open casting molding and urethane wheels
Views: 107 | Update Date: Dec 01 , 2020

  Urethane wheels give full play to the characteristics of urethane, such as high load-bearing capacity, wear resistance, high torsion modulus, and good adhesion to metal. Some PU rubber wheels have metal and non-metal cores in the middle, and some do not. Depending on the usage, the processing and...

Casting process and mold design of polyurethane roller
Views: 132 | Update Date: Nov 24 , 2020

  Polyurethane roller generally refers to a cylindrical product with a metal core in the middle and polyurethane outside. According to the purpose, it is divided into metallurgy, papermaking, textile, food processing, printing polyurethane roller, etc. Compared with ordinary rubber rollers,...

Several casting methods of custom molded urethane products
Views: 128 | Update Date: Nov 17 , 2020

Pouring is the process of pouring the mixed liquid polyurethane into the mold. In order to ensure product quality and increase the rate of product authenticity, correct pouring methods must be used. Commonly used pouring methods include vertical pouring method, inclined pouring method, bottom injection method...

Production process of casting molded urethane products
Views: 118 | Update Date: Nov 12 , 2020

Manual batch method This method is a more commonly used method in laboratory and batch production. The commonly used oligomer polyol/TDI/MOCA system operation process is to weigh an appropriate amount of prepolymer in a container of appropriate size, heat it to 80-90°C under stirring, and place it in a...

Production process of thin polyurethane sheet
Views: 95 | Update Date: Nov 03 , 2020

There are many processing and molding methods for CPU elastomer products, which should be selected according to the shape, quality requirements and processing cost of the product. The production of CPU products is divided into production methods, including manual batch method and mechanical continuous method....

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Urethane Wheel
Views: 150 | Update Date: Oct 27 , 2020

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Urethane Wheel   Q1: Do you have stocked urethane wheel? A1: No. We only specialize in custom one.   Q2: How can you offer cost for custom urethane wheel? A2: Please provide drawing, hardness, quantity and working environment. The...

How does PPG Unsaturation affect the quality of casting urethane prepolymers?
Views: 121 | Update Date: Oct 21 , 2020

The polypropylene glycol used in the polyurethane industry in the past is formed by the ring-opening polymerization of propylene oxide using an anionic catalyst KOH in the presence of polyol or polyamine initiator. Alkali can not only catalyze the formation of polyols from propylene oxide, but also initiate the...

How do temperature and time affect the quality of casting polyurethane prepolymers?
Views: 127 | Update Date: Oct 16 , 2020

The reaction temperature and time have a significant effect on the rate of prepolymer formation and the chemical structure of the prepolymer. When there is no catalytic reaction, carbamate is mainly formed below 100°C, and urea is also formed when water is present; above 100°C, biuret and allophanate are also...

How does acidity and alkalinity affect the quality of urethane prepolymers?
Views: 134 | Update Date: Oct 12 , 2020

No matter it is the prepolymer synthesis reaction or various other reactions for the synthesis of CPU, it is related to the acidity and alkalinity in the reaction system. Acid and basic impurities mainly act as catalysts. The acidic medium is conducive to the chain extension reaction to generate carbamate and...

How does moisture affect the quality of prepolymers for cast urethane?
Views: 155 | Update Date: Sep 29 , 2020

The main factors affecting the quality of prepolymers is whether high-quality raw materials are used to synthesize products. For oligomer polyols, the indicators that should be controlled include hydroxyl value, acid value, moisture, metal impurities, color and unsaturation (PPG), etc. For polyisocyanates, the...

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