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Oil and chemical resistance of polyurethane 2
Views: 199 | Update Date: May 12 , 2020

Polyurethane elastomer, especially polyester polyurethane elastomer, is a kind of strong polar polymer material. It has little affinity with non-polar mineral oil, and is almost free from erosion in fuel oil (such as kerosene, gasoline) and mechanical oil (such as hydraulic oil, engine oil, lubricating oil,...

Wear resistance and friction coefficient of polyurethane
Views: 209 | Update Date: May 06 , 2020

The wear resistance and friction coefficient of polyurethane elastomer are outstanding. Its wear value is generally in the range of 0.03-0.20m m 3/m (Akron wear), which is much smaller than other polymer materials, 3-8 times better than natural rubber, and the actual use effect is often better. The wear...

Mechanical properties of polyurethane
Views: 257 | Update Date: Apr 27 , 2020

Mechanical properties of polyurethane Polyurethane elastomer has good mechanical properties, such as good young's modulus, tensile strength, tear strength and load capacity.   Young's modulus and tensile strength Within the elastic limit, the ratio of tensile stress...

Photostability and radiation resistance of polyurethane
Views: 128 | Update Date: Apr 20 , 2020

Photostability and radiation resistance of polyurethane   Polyurethane synthesized from aromatic isocyanate (such as TDI and MDI) is easy to oxidize and turn yellow when exposed to ultraviolet light, which is caused by the bridge bond structure of aromatic biuret. Under UV irradiation, it is...

Resilience, damping and build-up heat of casting molded polyurethane elastomer
Views: 119 | Update Date: Apr 14 , 2020

The flexibility of polymer molecules is the reason of high elasticity. However, due to the large number of polar groups in the molecular structure of polyurethane elastomers, the large molecular internal force and intermolecular force, together with other factors that may hinder the free rotation of single bond,...

Oil and chemical resistance of polyurethane 1
Views: 142 | Update Date: Apr 08 , 2020

Oil resistance and chemical resistance generally refers to the generalized oil resistance including solvent resistance, which is in principle suitable for the swelling equilibrium formula proposed by Flory et al. That is to say, only expansion occurs and only swelling equilibrium occurs. Chemical resistance or...

Introduction of polyurethane vibration screen used in polysilicon industry
Views: 197 | Update Date: Apr 01 , 2020

Technical background: In the current photovoltaic industry, a large number of high-purity polysilicon materials are required for the manufacturing of crystalline silicon solar cells, which occupy a leading position. The main process of Siemens method is to reduce silicon by reaction of...

Introduction of polyurethane gel sheet
Views: 200 | Update Date: Mar 24 , 2020

Polyurethane elastomer products are used in different industries, most of which are industrial spare parts. This kind of products have the general characteristics of wear-resistant, good elasticity, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean. They can also be customized in various shapes and sizes according to...

Large plate vulcanizing press for custom compression molding polyurethane parts
Views: 216 | Update Date: Mar 18 , 2020

Large plate vulcanizing press for custom compression molding polyurethane parts     Open casting and compression casting are two main manufacturing process of polyurethane elastomer. Compression molding...

New testing equimpment for polyurethane wheels
Views: 226 | Update Date: Mar 11 , 2020

New testing equipment for polyurethane wheels   Polyurethane coated wheels are widely used in many industries where require impact and abrasion resistance. In most cases, they are key parts. To reduce down time, life...

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Urethane Bushings
Views: 218 | Update Date: Mar 02 , 2020

Q1: Do you have stocked urethane bushings? A1: No. We only make custom urethane bushings.   Q2: How can you offer cost for custom urethane bushings? A2: Please provide drawing, hardness, quantity and working environment.   Q3: Do you have MOQ for polyurethane...

Application of solid cast urethane pipeline pig, cup and disc
Views: 262 | Update Date: Jan 09 , 2020

Application of solid cast urethane pipeline pig, cup and disc With the development of large-scale exploitation of petroleum, chemical industry, urban water supply and natural gas transportation industry, the demand for pipeline descaling, paraffin removal and new pipeline coating and anti-corrosion...

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