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Professional Custom Molded Polyurethane Manufacturer Since 1996
Views: 229 | Update Date: Nov 16 , 2021

Shanghai Pepsen Polyurethane Co., Ltd. was established inthe year of 1996 and is a professional manufacturer of custom molded polyurethane raw materials.Pepsen’s main business products are: polyurethane bushings, urethane bushings, custom molded polyurethane, polyurethane sheet, polyurethane parts, polyurethane...

What are the factors that cause the aging of the polyurethane?
Views: 236 | Update Date: Nov 04 , 2021

What are the factors that cause the aging of the polyurethane?   1. Mechanical force: Under repeated mechanical force, the polyurethane encapsulated molecular chain will be broken to generate free radicals, which will initiate oxidation chain reaction and form a mechanochemical process. In...

How to manufacture PU coated roller?
Views: 223 | Update Date: Oct 28 , 2021

How to manufacture PU coated roller?   1. Clean the iron core provided by the customer: if it is a new PU roller iron core, the oil on the surface of the iron core should be cleaned with a cleaning agent; if it is an old PU roller iron core, it is necessary to remove the PU coating on the outer...

Polyurethane Roller Main Technical Performance
Views: 275 | Update Date: Oct 14 , 2021

1. Hardness reference value of various Polyurethane roller Pressing rubber roller 80-90 A Printed gum roller 92-97 A High-speed rotary mechanism leather roller 50-60A Extruded water roller 75-85 A Silk roll 85 A Ink roller 20-25 A Cold rolling roller 85-95 A Cylinder...

Disadvantages and applications of polyurethane coated rollers
Views: 424 | Update Date: Oct 08 , 2021

      1. The appearance is bright in color, the colloid surface is fine and smooth, and the colloid material and the mandrel are firmly bonded. The size of the roller is strictly controlled, and the size will not change greatly under different temperature and humidity conditions. It can...

Characteristics of polyurethane rubber roller
Views: 353 | Update Date: Sep 24 , 2021

Characteristics of polyurethane rubber roller   1. Polyurethane rubber roller has a sufficient surface viscosity, which ensures that the rubber roller has good ink and ink performance during printing, which can ensure high quality printing.   2. The appearance is bright, and...

Currently Advertisement for Urethane Bushings Manufacturers
Views: 333 | Update Date: Sep 18 , 2021

Today we are going to introduce currently advertisements for Urethane Bushings manufacturers in September, 2021 on Google.com:   1. Custom Polyurethane Bushings - Precision Urethane Ad. https://www.precisionurethane.com › polyurethane-bus... Cast Urethane...

Custom urethane bushings Cast to Your Specifications
Views: 378 | Update Date: Sep 06 , 2021

Urethane tends to have a higher load-bearing capacity, greater tear strength, better compression set, and greater abrasion resistance than rubber. It is also more tolerant of greases, oils, and ozone. Rubber bushings tend to deteriorate rapidly with age. As rubber bushings become softer and more pliable, they resist...

Performance Comparison of Polyurethane Wheels and Rubber Wheels
Views: 447 | Update Date: Jun 24 , 2021

2.1 "Automatic loading vehicle field 2.1.1 "Rolling resistance The chemical composition of polyurethane material determines that it has a lower rolling resistance than rubber. Lower rolling resistance will improve the efficiency of electric automatic loading vehicles and reduce the number of...

Development and Application of Polyurethane Wheels
Views: 429 | Update Date: Jun 08 , 2021

The earliest polyurethane wheels were solid wheels, which showed the advantages of excellent wear resistance and large carrying capacity when transporting goods under harsh conditions, and are still widely used today. Beginning in the 1970s and 1980s, some domestic and foreign wheel companies or R&D...

Pepsen Welcomes Challenges that Custom Polyurethane Products Can Bring
Views: 417 | Update Date: May 20 , 2021

Compression molding responds to a wide range of product sizes, shapes and performance requirements. Shanghai Pepsen Polyurethane Co., Ltd. welcomes the challenge that custom polyurethane products can bring. We have over15 years of experience in custom polyurethane molding. Over the years, we have...

TPU antimicrobial performance
Views: 482 | Update Date: May 11 , 2021

TPU antimicrobial growth performance is closely related to the soft segment structure. The polyester soft segment is not antimicrobial, while the polyether soft segment has strong resistance. Here we discuss the comparison of TPU anti-microbial growth with rubber and plastic, and the influence of microorganisms...

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