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Knowledge of Machining Process of Polyurethane
Views: 276 | Update Date: Aug 12 , 2019

Polyurethane elastomer, also known as PU elastomer or urethane, is a kind of super wear-resistant (commonly known as best of wear-resistance) with good strength, small permanent compression set. A new kind of material between plastic and rubber has the rigidity of plastic and the elasticity of rubber. At...

Polyurethane Super Grip V Belt, the latest product developed by Shanghai PEPSEN
Views: 243 | Update Date: Jul 25 , 2019

Polyurethane super grip V belt is widely used in conveying equipment of ceramic tiles, cement tiles, floor tiles, food, wood products, cans, newspapers, prints, glass, etc.   PU super grip V belt produced by our company is developed independently on the basis of the original V belt. It adds...

The Big World of Polyurethane 3: What are physical properties of polyurethane?
Views: 292 | Update Date: Jul 18 , 2019

The mechanical properties of polyurethane elastomers are very good, which are shown in Young's modulus, tensile strength, tear strength and load capacity. Young's modulus and tensile strength are within the elastic limit. The ratio of tensile stress to deformation is called Young's modulus (E) or...

PEPSEN won a bid of polyurethane skid conveyor roller wheel for electric automobile assembly line
Views: 284 | Update Date: Jul 11 , 2019

PEPSEN won a bid of polyurethane skid conveyor roller wheel for electric automobile assembly line   Wheel rim: #45 iron, SS314, 40CR, Q235, Wheel tread: Mitsubishi, BASF or BAYER, NDI-formulated polyurethane Hardness: Shore 95A or customized Color: customized color – normal...

Urethane die spring produced by Shanghai Pepsen has passed 10 new RoHS tests.
Views: 242 | Update Date: Jun 20 , 2019

RoHS is a mandatory standard regulated by EU legislation, which imposes strict restrictions on toxic and harmful substances in products. All designated products exported to EU countries must obtain certification.   With the development trend of economic globalization and product export, based...

How water and working environment affect polyurethane?
Views: 265 | Update Date: Jun 10 , 2019

How water and working environment affect polyurethane? Water has two effects on polyurethane elastomers. One is the plasticization of water, that is, water molecules enter into macromolecular chains and form hydrogen bonds with polar groups in polymer molecules, which weakens the interaction...

Discussion about oil and chemical resistance of polyurethane
Views: 308 | Update Date: May 30 , 2019

Generally speaking, the oil resistance of polymers refers to the general oil resistance including solvent resistance, which is in principle adapted to the expansion equilibrium formulation developed by Flory et al. That is to say, only expansion occurs, and only equilibrium of expansion occurs. Chemical...

Knowledge about dielectric properties of polyurethane
Views: 276 | Update Date: May 08 , 2019

Polymers have good dielectric properties and are widely used as insulating materials. The physical quantities representing dielectric properties include dielectric constant, dielectric loss (tan_ delta), volume resistivity (p_ v), surface resistivity (p_ s) and breakdown strength (or breakdown voltage)....

What are disadvantages of polyurethane and how Pepsen avoids them?
Views: 305 | Update Date: Apr 29 , 2019

What are disadvantages of polyurethane and how Pepsen avoids them? High Temperature and Build-up heat Normal polyurethane can work long time under temperature 80 degree C, work temporarily under 120 degree C. It will also create a build-up heat easily when it is compressed back and forth...

What is the difference between polyether and polyester urethane?
Views: 288 | Update Date: Apr 18 , 2019

What is the difference between polyether and polyester urethane?   There are many kinds of polyurethane.They can be separated into two main categories as polyester and polyether polyurethane according to variety of polyol. They have their own advantages and disadvantages, so there is no better one...

Knowledge about versatile polyurethane pad
Views: 340 | Update Date: Apr 10 , 2019

Polyurethane is well known for its excellent abrasion and impact resistance, so it is usually chose by engineers to use them to stop, support, bearing load, absorb shock and clamp.   However, they can be classified as many kinds though all of them are called polyurethane pad. Based on different...

10 years Alibaba Golden Membership of Custom Molded Polyurethane
Views: 284 | Update Date: Apr 02 , 2019

Pepsen has been in this industry since 1996 and committed to export business from 2009.   In order to have better communication with International customer, Pepsen joined Alibaba as golden membership since 2009 and it has been 10 years since then. During this time, we are honored to...

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