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What is semi prepolymer method of PU ?
Views: 674 | Update Date: Aug 13 , 2020

If the isocyanate index (NCO / OH) is greater than 2, there will be excess isocyanate monomer in the prepolymer. If NCO / Oh ≫ 2, the product is actually a mixture of isocyanate terminated prepolymer and isocyanate monomer. This mixture is called a semi prepolymer.   The semi prepolymer method...

Latest the Inquiries of Pepsen Urethane Bushings in July, 2020
Views: 627 | Update Date: Aug 09 , 2020

Polyurethane bushings are manufactured at Pepsen from 2004 when rubber bushings were widely replaced by polyurethane bushings in China. Our durable custom polyurethane bushings can be molded or machined depending on hardness, quantity and shape. Polyurethane bushings have been widely used in vibration isolation...

Synthesis of polyurethane
Views: 706 | Update Date: Aug 06 , 2020

According to the synthesis process of CPU elastomer, it can be divided into one-step method and two-step method, the latter is also called prepolymer method, and prepolymer method can be divided into prepolymer method and semi prepolymer method. Prepolymer method is to synthesize prepolymer...

Raw materials and compounding agents of polyurethane
Views: 656 | Update Date: Jul 30 , 2020

Raw materials and compounding agents of polyurethane CPU is prepared by reaction of oligomer polyol, polyisocyanate and chain extender. Polyester and polyether are commonly used as oligomer polyols. Polycaprolactone is rarely used, while polybutadiene, polycarbonate and other polyols are...

What is CPUE and CPU?
Views: 787 | Update Date: Jul 22 , 2020

Polyurethane elastomer (CPUE), referred to as casting polyurethane (CPU) or polyurethane pouring resin. "Pouring type" refers to a kind of chemical processing method in which the material system of the product is liquid before molding, which can be poured and solidified directly, and the material system does not...

Application of polyurethane elastomer 2
Views: 599 | Update Date: Jul 15 , 2020

Application of polyurethane elastomer 2 6.2.2 Injection, extrusion, molding and calendering products TPU particles and MPU glue are mainly used for extrusion, injection and molding of small and medium-sized molded products, while TPU is more used for extrusion molding of wire and cable sheath,...

Application of polyurethane elastomer 1
Views: 564 | Update Date: Jul 08 , 2020

Polyurethane elastomer has many valuable properties and wide application fields. In the application research, in addition to the correct selection of formulation according to the use environment, it is also necessary to select the appropriate hardness according to the stress situation of the products in use....

Mildew resistance of polyurethane
Views: 635 | Update Date: Jul 02 , 2020

Mildew resistance of polyurethane Polyether type polyurethane has good resistance to mildew, and the test grade is 0 ~ 1, that is, no mildew or basically no mildew. However, polyester type polyurethane (including polycaprolactone) is not resistant to mildew, and the test result is...

Electrical properties and radiation resistance of polyurethane
Views: 768 | Update Date: Jun 17 , 2020

Electrical properties The electrical insulation performance of polyurethane elastomer is better at room temperature, which is roughly equivalent to the level of chloroprene rubber and phenolic resin. Because it can be cast or thermoplastic, it is often used for filling and sealing of electrical components,...

Vibration absorption performance of polyurethane
Views: 947 | Update Date: Jun 09 , 2020

  The effect of polyurethane elastomer on alternating stress shows obvious hysteresis. In this process, part of the energy of the external force is absorbed by the internal friction of the elastomer molecules, which is converted into heat energy. This property is called the vibration absorption...

Low temperature performance of polyurethane
Views: 745 | Update Date: Jun 02 , 2020

Polyurethane elastomers have good low temperature properties, mainly in the brittleness temperature is generally very low (- 70 ~ - 50 ℃), and some formulations (such as PCL-TDI-MOCA) are not even brittle at lower temperature. At the same time, a few varieties (such as PTMG-TDI-MOCA) have good low temperature...

Heat and oxidation resistance of polyurethane
Views: 772 | Update Date: May 27 , 2020

Heat and oxidation resistance of polyurethane Polyurethane elastomer has good heat resistance in inert gas (such as nitrogen), oxygen resistance and ozone resistance at room temperature, especially polyester type. But high temperature and oxygen can accelerate the aging process of polyurethane. The upper...

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